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The first step: Lift Qi Up and Pull Qi Down. The second step : Body and Mind. more
keeping fit and gain rehabilitation
Our Center has accumulated more than ten years ' of clinical practical experience, and made use more
exploiting intelligence and improving eyesight
How to quickly improve children’s learning ability, memory, comprehension more
distinctive travel in China
Beijing-Shandong-East Cities of China,Journey of Zhineng Bodybuilding in Shandong more
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Online Video Rehabiliation Course
Brief Introduction: Lingtong Zhu is a Qigong and Tai Chi teacher with almost 20 years experience. He has been to many countries to teach Qigong and Tai Chi, in...
The loosening waist course of September 2015
Our center is located at the foot of magnificent Mount Tai which is a perfect practice place. We will hold one course of ZQ in September 2015. The course is ab...
Introduction of Mount Tai, Fengshan Ceremony and Dai Temple
Introduction of Mount Tai, Fengshan Ceremony and Dai Temple Mount Tai is a mountain of historical and cultural significance located north of the city of Taian...
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Zhu Chengfeng
Zhu Chengfeng,teacher of the center.He was ever the minister
Cao Fengyu
Cao Fengyu, started to practice Zhineng Qigong in 1993, pa
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Online workshop
we are offering on Weekends, Saturday and Sunday between 3 a
2016 Online Video Rehabiliation Course
Date of training (four days): 13 December 2014, 14 December
The Online Course of Loosening waist
Date of Training (six days): 15 November 2014, 16 November 2
Loosening Waist and Spine with Qi and Mind
Loosening Waist and Spine with Qi and Mind:Benefit 1. Spine
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Online Service 在线客服
Skype: chaochangzhineng
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Mountain Tai Daughter Tea
The tea-growing areas of "Mountain Tai Daughter ...
Mountain Tai jade
The texture of Mountain Tai jade is gentle and g...
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