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Taian Huaxia Taijiquan training center located in Taian city,Shandong province,China.It is short distance from Taishan,a beautiful scenery.
Center established in 2003;since then,the Center has trained more then 5000 students of all ages,from 3 to 93 yesrs old;from all around China and many foreign countries.
What Makes a Difference?
The mission of our center is to help you realize your dreams. We offer real human care in a harmonious atmosphere, to enable you to understand the essence of life, and create your new life, as you would wish. After all, health, freedom, longevity, control of your own life, and being with nature is everybody is dream. We open a window of opportunity to re-gain health from problems which you may not able to cure with Western Medicine.       
The first step you will achieve, when you come to our Centre, is you will be convinced that you deserve to be healthy. Your body and mind will experience changes and step towards health when you start to practice Zhineng Qigong with our wonderful teachers.                                        
There have been numerous cases of healing through Qigong which were unable to be cured by Western Medicine. The theories behind this are simple. We look at life as a holistic State of Body, Qi and Mind. Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, once said, the best doctor is your self. Through Qigong healing, your own powerful immune system is fully activated, and you gain the ability to drive your own life forward. A number of difficult cases have been healed with the direct help of our Center. This is not a criticism of Western Medicine, but a way of showing the unique advantage of Qigong.    
Experience great Healers and Superability   
There are great teachers in the Centre with more than ten years Qigong practice, and you will experience perfect mind and body feelings in their strong Qi field.                         
You will have the opportunity to witness super-ability demonstrations - such as  seeing or sensing words and images with the eyes blindfolded. Things that look like miracles in daily life will turn out to be normal experiences in our Center.
We will focus on gathering Qi and cultivating Qi; a unique way of healing. We can express this practice as "life is just like a lamp, the best way to maintain the light is to continuously add oil" . Our center focuses on storing original life Qi to cultivate your life as a result of storing health. When looking at modern sport activities, the mind and body are not connected. The mind pursues something outside the body, and this consumes DanTian Qi, even though it alters the heart rate and breathing, it is passive way of consuming life, or Qi.                               
During your stay with us, there will be no intensive heart beat during exercise, but simply gathering Qi and cultivating Qi in a peaceful way; the most efficient and secure of way of healing. You will be guided from understanding the world with your eyes, and ears to sensing the world with your heart and mind. You will be in the great Qi Field - to understand your own life, and experience the changes in every single aspect of your life. Until one day, it is possible for you to "see" the invisible universe.                                          
Mount Tai 
Our Center is located at the foot of Tai Mountain, which offers the possibility to communicate with the natural Qi Field, and experience thousands of years of history. Be with Mount Tai"s Qi, breathe the Qi as the sages did, and follow in the footprints of the Emperors  Confucius, one of the great chinese philosophers, said "once you climb up the Tai Mountain, you will feel the world you saw is small".
Mount Tai has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Religious worship of Mount Tai has a tradition going back 3,000 years; it has been practiced from the Shang to the Qing Dynasty.
In 219 BC, Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, held a ceremony on the summit of Mount Tai and proclaimed the unity of his Empire in a famous inscription carved on the mountain. We will organize the trips to Mount Tai to pracice Qigong, gathering Ling Qi. Ling Qi means the Qi which creates miracles for you. What a fantastic opportunity, you shouldn"t miss it!                                                             
Mind drives your own life. 
"Mind drives your own life"means you become the owner your life. You not only understand your body and mind, but you are also in the driving seat of your life. You then have the ability to optimize your life and health; you own it as you learn to use it. Every body has a "mind" that is hidden deep behind your eyes. It is called the Yuan Shen, the Original Mind. And thus the best doctor is yourself.