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The loosening waist course of September 2018

Our center is located at the foot of magnificent Mount Tai which is a perfect practice place. We will hold one course of ZQ in September 2015.

The course is about loosening the waist and Qi healing from 1 to 16 September. 1200 Euro Per person including study, Qi healing, room, food and travel.

Brief Introduction:

Lingtong Zhu is a Qigong with almost 20 years experience in China. He has been to many countries, including German, Holland, France, Czech to teach and has won an excellent reputation.

Loosening waist means loosening spine, the spine is the central axis of the body, in which central nervous system is included; the central nervous system can regulate and control our inner organ and limbs. 80% of human diseases are associated with the spine; therefore, the control of the spire can regulate our whole body remarkably.

The Specific Effect:

1.Enhance the inner energy, loosen the waist and spine, can quickly raise the level of Tai Chi or Qigong.

2.Regulate visceral function, heals and regulates some visceral chronic diseases.

3.Purify our mind and reduce the desire.

4. Enhance transport of visceral power, and thus play an important role in detoxification and elimination of illness.


1.It is simple and practical and we can do the exercise during the process of every day life.

2.Interaction can be realized between students and teachers, the teacher can individually regulate students actions, so that students can really grasp the essential of loosening waist.

3.Party with Chinese Practitioners.


1. Making the mind enter into a concentrated and pure state.

2. Stimulate the spines little joints to be moved by qi.

3. Using qi to make the waists front and behind swing freely.