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The all High Level Inner States(nice inner feeling) of Zhineng Qigong

Note: states mean different nice inner feelings in different levels  of Zhineng Qigong

Become your own master to use the power of selfhealing from deep inside!

Zhineng Qigong has many methods and theories. The essentials of movements are relatively easy to master, but how to use your mind and  enter a deep state of practice (inner experience) is not easy. Master Zhu has already mastered it through many years of in-depth practice and teaching. The inner experience of each exercise is summarized and shared with everyone in this course. Leading everyone into the advanced state of true inner cultivation.



1. High level outside and inner Hun Yuan state.

2. High level inner organs health through Hun Yuan state.

3. High level middle channel Hun Yuan state.

4. High level Yi Yuan Ti state for mind and consciousness.

5. High level bone marrow Hun Yuan state to strengthen blood cells and immunsystem

6. High level healing state.

 7. High level Zhineng Qigong meditation state.

8. High level Taiji Hun Yuan state.

9. High level Qi massage in the Hun Yuan state.

10. High level state of easing and clearing away your negative emotions.

11. High level state of opening the meridians throughout the body so that Qi flows well and abundantly.

12.High level state of loosing up and inner cleaning of the whole body.



1. You can receive the official Certificate of High Level Inner States of Zhineng Qigong

2. You can receive all the videos recordings.



The Online Workshop For North and South America:

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990 USD or 930 EURPrice includes online courses, all course Video Recordings and certificates

1. You can pay in installments. first payment 200 dollars or 200 Euros. pay the rest when you have the money before December 2024

2. If you introduce other new people to attend the teacher training you get a special price.


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