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Maintain Health in Summer and Deep Healing with Master Zhu
Master Zhu’s New Formal Course: How to Maintain Health in Summer and Deep Healing

Starting this weekend! Contact for DISCOUNT

More discount if you join the Deep Teacher Training course in September!

Includes exercises and healing methods of

1. How to maintain health in summer

2. Head, neck and upper limbs

3. Internal organs

4. Waist, hip, legs and feet


Beijing Time: 15:00 - 16:30 (all the time) 

Paris Time: 9:00AM--10:30AM

The time converter for your schedule:

Dates(Beijing dates):

July  15  16  22  23  29  30

August 5  6  12  13

(in total 10 classes)


220 USD 

Contact for DISCOUNT



Whatsapp: +85257300343