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Healing and Teacher Training Retreat in China in May, 2024 with MASTER ZHU

Healing and Teacher Training Retreat in China in May, 2024 with MASTER ZHU

1880 USD or 1760 EUR retreat China (21 Days) from May 9 to May 29,2024

We will have a special English-speaking receptionist to pick you up at Beijing airport on May 8, 2024. For your information, you may leave in the afternoon on May 29 or if you want, May 30.

The retreat fee includes:

1. Course tuition, food, room, transport from Beijing airport to the hotel training centre in Tai’an city,

2. All tickets to the sights, collective transport between the hotel to the sights, tickets for the fast railway from Tai’an back to Beijing airport.
       If you want a single room, you need to pay extra 120 RMB per day.

Contents of the retreat:

Healing one-on-one with Master Zhu

Improvement of healing level

Improvement of teaching level

Special exercises to respect yourself, find yourself, trust yourself and build an individual healthy lifestyle for yourself

Spectacular scientific experiments of Zhineng Qigong for the amazing effects of ZQ

New methods of Zhineng Qigong

Group healing with fellow Chinese Qigong practitioners

*Special trip to Mount. Tai where Dr. Pang visited and strongly recommends.

*Special day trips to practice with seasoned practitioners: in mountains, temples, & Live performance, Confucius, Buddha temples, & various Chinese culture to experience the energy of Dr. Pang’s strong field; among them, Mount Tai, which is a sacred place for Dr. Pang. He has visited the city of Tai’an 5 times and even climbed once and strongly recommends a visit.

Dr. Pang climbing up the Mount Tai           

Dr. Pang at the peak of Mount Tai

*Special healthy suggestions offered by Master Zhu after taking your pulse(Mai) one-on-one

Mai() can reflect the qi and blood circulation of internal organs, which helps reveal any potential illness. By taking your pulse, Master Zhu can feel the problems of Qi in your viscera, will offer you a set of exclusive healthy suggestions and exercise methods to cure and prevent any sickness and will offer you private Qi healing.

 (The pulse of the left hand represents the heart, liver and kidney, while the pulse of the right hand represents the lung, spleen and kidney.)



The mission of our retreat is to help you practice and heal more so as to realize your dreams. We open a window of opportunity to regain health away from problems which you may not be able to cure simply with Western Medicine.

You deserve to be healthy. Your body and mind will experience amazing changes.

You will experience great healing with great healers and experience perfect mind and body feelings in the strong Qi field.

Specifically, Master Zhu will teach some different treatment methods in order to cure.

Ongoing group healing

Scientific experiments of Zhineng Qigong

By doing these spectacular experiments, you will get to experience the grandeur of Qigong. By doing so, you can enhance your confidence and awareness about the treatment effects of Zhineng Qigong, which will help Zhineng Qigong elevate to the place of real science.

Teacher Training

1. Teach you how to build strong qi field and connect with Dr. Pang’s information and impart the latest development direction.

2. Correct your postures and actions in person through face-to-face contact.

3. Enhance your teaching abilities and skills in 8 psychological ways and let you deeply feel the tremendous effect of these mental methods.

4. Get the teacher training certificate with Master Zhu

Teachers receiving their certificates

WHERE: High-class hotel in Taian, Shandong, China


Zhongda Yujing Boutique

A lovely four-star hotel with a great location. Near Master Zhu’s New Center in Tai’an City, near a four-star natural park.



Master Zhu Conghua

Zhu Conghua has been practicing Zhineng Qigong since 1993 and now heads this Zhineng Qigong Center in Taian, China. He completed his Zhineng Qigong training at Hua Xia Center, the largest medical-free hospital at that time in China.

Through his additional training in traditional Chinese medicine, Zhu Conghua has understood to combine his knowledge of TCM with his extensive knowledge of Zhineng Qigong in an impressive way. He specializes in spine healing, promoting children’s intelligence and TCM massages.

Zhu Conghua and his team welcome you to Tai’an city and a journey into better health and wellbeing, improvement, and joy!

For more information and registration please use the following email address:

Teacher Ding

1. Studied zhineng qigong since 1991. She was invited to the sixth National Academic exchange.  

in the Hua Xia center of Dr. Pang.

2. Joined all of Dr. Pang’s lectures (a total of six times) at Mount. Tai.

3. In 1997 she did the qigong healing at the Taian city Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

She is good at qi healing one by one and correcting actions.


1. Mount Tai has been a World Heritage Site since 1987. Religious worship of Mount Tai has a tradition going back 3,000 years; it has been practiced from the Shang to the Qing Dynasty.

If people put a big wish there, it often becomes true.

We will organize trips to Mount Tai to practice Qigong, gathering Ling Qi. Ling Qi means the Qi which creates miracles for you. A fantastic opportunity you should not miss!

The website of Mount Tai:

2.Large-scale live performance and Dai Temple

      Fengshan ceremony                                      Dai Temple

During your stay in Taian, you get the most efficient and secure way of healing. You will be guided from understanding the world with your eyes and ears to sense the world with your heart and pure consciousness. You will be in the great Qi Field –to understand your own life, and experience changes in every single aspect of your life. Until one day, it is possible for you to "see" the invisible universe.

For more detail about the retreat and workshops please check the website:


Contact Master Zhu for questions or information:

Please note that we cannot accept patients with infectious diseases or people who cannot take care of themselves (but we will include you in the healing field) possible live stream options TBA.

Full price:1,880 USD or 1,760 EUR per person.

*Precio especial para hispanohablantes que hablan inglés.

This retreat program is limited to 20 people, on a first-come, first-served basis.

An amount of 300 USD or 280 EUR will be charged as deposit by paying Master Zhu via Paypal. You can secure a position by paying the deposit in advance to avoid the rising cost of living, hotel, food and so on.