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Zhi neng body-building activities gives us new hope
Jia YanLione photo is before practice ,other is after
Jia YanLi, premature infant, who was born when just 7 months old. The mother is so weak that she can not eat well.
 When Jia was born, she was very thin and weak. She was found powerless leg at the age when the normal kids can walk. 
She can not stand then. Only when she was 6 or 7 years old, can she stand up but often fell down. 
Later she was diagnosed as congenial developmental disorder. 
The hospital can not do anything about that. After entering the primary school , 
Jia did not like sports because of the inconvenience of the body movements. 
Later her two knees inclined inward and the body can not be straight up. 
Her two legs do not have the power to support the body. The following are the feelings and changes 
since she came to the center:
"My name is Jia YanLi. I am 15 years old. I came to the center during my summer holiday for one month. 
I feel hot after practicing every time. Before practicing, I always feel tired even just walk a few steps.
 But now, after practicing, I feel powered and would not feel tired all the time . I feel sleepy every time , 
feel like falling asleep but still can hear the teacher.  
It feels like that the qi is pouring into my body after practicing.
 I used to feel that I am going to fall down when walking. But now, I can stand steady.
 My legs could not stretch straight and my legs could not be placed flat before. But now, 
I can do both of them. I feel that I am taller than before. My legs feel powerful now. 
I do not feel tired all the time. It also becomes easier for me to go upstairs and downstairs. 
It feels more comfortable for me to walk. Here are pictures of me when I just come and now.
 It is just like a dream. I can not even believe that!