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Practicing Chinese Health Qigong brings me great pleasant surprises

I am Dai Jiying

64 years old, from Chaoyang District, Beijing. 

In 2003, I was diagnosed as Drying Syndrome by Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, 

which is currently an incurable disease worldwide. In the following 5 years, 
I suffered immensely, aching all over when attacked by the disease and I could not even take care of myself, 
becoming of burden of my family. I had no tears in my blurred eyes, no saliva in my mouth no matter how much water 
I had drunk, my body fluid equilibrium was fully dependent on the hormone drugs 
and I fattend quickly just like a bulging balloon. Five days after I practiced Qigong in the center, 
my both arms can make upward movement and lateral horizontal movement. After ten days,
 I could squat down and up with the aid of an article for 10 times 
and I persisted through the Shenqi posture and standing exercise for 20 minutes; 
and these movements, although common for most people, were great satisfactions to me. After 16 days,
 I unexpectedly could squat down and up for dozens of times, which was a great miracle! In addition, 
I began to sweat all over, with saliva in my mouth and moisture in my eyes and the symptoms of dryings syndrome were 
fully eradicated! I am greatly delighted that such great effects could be achieved in just dozens of days!
To my greater surprise, I removed a knobble (bean-size) on the hand with the power of my will 
and it is just a miracle! After I returned home, 
I persuaded and mobilize my diabetic husband and other neighbors suffering from high blood pressure to
 join in the practice and all of them have achieved very good results!