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Exploiting intelligence and improving eyesight
How to improve children’s learning ability, memory, comprehension, attention and eyesight quickly?
With years of research, there finally forms a set of systematic method to comprehensively release the potentials of children within 15 days.And with years of training testing, we promise to achieve the followings:
Inspire children, activate the potential ability of the brain, and train the ability of sensing
Cultivate more memory prodigies, increasing by 3 to 5 times on average.
Remarkably improve students’ eyesight level, the improvement range is 0.2 to 0.5 in general.
Promptly improve the concentration ability of the students (including concentration degree of the attention and the time of duration)
The first of the four features of the Superman Growth Camp
——The unimaginable sixth sense
Supernormal intelligence is an important method to research and explore the man and nature rule.Through practice a special capability beyond normal people can be realized, and the training effect on teenagers is especially remarkable. The Center has developed the following Supernormal Intelligence Training Method based on the research of the characteristics of intelligence development of a vast number of teenagers:
1.Non-eyesight “vision”: also named as “super vision”, capable of “seeing” what screened without the usage of eyes (blindfold the eyes to recognize pokers and words only by brain, etc.)
2.Non-hearing “audition”: also named “super audition”, capable of “hearing” screened things without the usage of ears (“hearing” words, “hearing” pokers and etc.).
Through practice, the success rate of supernormal intelligence development is 85%.
3.Mind Sensing Training
Mind sensing is to “read” the thinking of others directly using the brain, which can enable ordinary people to possess such kind of sensing ability through particular training and adjustment. We believe it is an important breakthrough to reveal the mystery of brain through a profound research of mind sensing, which can enable the students to better receive the information of the teachers and parents, to reach the level of “hearing without listening” gradually. Actually, there have been such kinds of situations in real life, which is what people call “eye to eye”, namely, two individuals are thinking of the same thing by mere coincidence. Such kind of ability can be fully developed and utilized by the students through particular training.
The second of the four features of the Superman Growth Camp 
Through years of practice, the Center has developed a series of methods of training the overall function of the brain and fast memorizing. The training is divided into three steps including a) adjusting the brain to the best status  b) eyes and brain synchronic rhythms training  c) fast memorizing actual combat training. This not only help the students to improve their ability of memorizing within a short time, but also enables them to think more swiftly. When the students put this kind of skill into daily studies, they will without doubt enhance their results.
The third of the four features of the Superman Growth Camp
-------Remarkably improve the eyesight of the students
Nearsightedness has been listed as one of the ten persistent ailments of teenagers in the 21st century by the UN World Health Organization. Our Center has opened classes around China for many years, focusing on the regulating of nearsightedness with remarkable effects. With the teacher’s own capability to give regulation, and assisted with the students’ own practice, the microcirculation in the eyes can be swiftly operated, which can improve the blood-supply in the eyes, unblock the meridians in the eyes, and improve the excitement levels of the optic nerves, which can effectively regulate nearsightedness, weak sight, farsightedness and astigmatism, etc..  
The training content can be divided into: 1. Improving Eyesight 2. Opening and Closing of Eyes  3. Gazing  4. Sight Benefit Exercise  5. Massage Eyes Relaxing 6. Eyes Exercise Practice
Through practice, 95% of the students improve their eyesight and more than 80% with as much as 0.3 diopters, which has received the positive recognition from eye doctors and many parents.
The fourth features of the Superman Growth Camp
-------Swiftly improve the students’ mental concentration ability
Mental concentration is the foundation to do well in everything. The growth camp of this time adopts the methods such as gazing, psychological suggestion, Qigong training to improve the students’ mental concentration ability. After training of a period of time, some of the mischievous children in the class have become well-behaved. At the beginning, they often gaze around at class and do the tricks, but later, the class order is better and better, and they can self-consciously coordinate with the teachers, and positively contribute in the class.