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Ling-Yuan Kung Fu, Middle Channels and Information Field online course

Ling-Yuan Kung Fu, Middle Channels and Information Field online course

The content consists of the following parts:

Part 1
Ling Yuan Kung Fu, is a NEW part of yi yuan ti added by Dr. Pang.
1.) What is LING YUAN,
2.) The characteristics of LING YUAN
a. XU LING state , very empty, transparent.
b. JING LING state , very pure
c. MING LING state , special light .
d. Ling Yuan Kung Fu ( it is a special and very deep  atate)
3.) The application of LING YUAN
How to apply Ling Yuan, and the level 4 of ZQ.
Part 2.
Middle Channels (including middle channel of the body and limbs).
1.) What are the middle channels?
2.) The methods of the middle channels
a. open close
b. up and down method, and others
3.) Methods of the middle channels of the limbs.
Part 3
The information field and the use of the information field for healing
The Sublimation from the Qi Field to the Information Field
Workshop times:
Time for Europe Middle East in September/October
September 4. /5. /11. /12. /18. /19. /25. /26.
October 2nd/3rd/9th/10th/16th/17th
Total of 14 teaching units
Beijing Time 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Time for America and Mexico in October/November.
October 2nd/3rd/9th/10th/16th/17th/23rd/24th/30th/31st.
November 6/7/13/14
14 lessons in total
Beijing Time 8:30 am to 10:00 am
280 euros or $330 for the entire course including all video recordings.
Discount options:
1.) There is a reduced price of 240 Euro/285 Dollar for the first 10 registrations.
2,) Register with two or more people together and everyone pays only 240 Euro/285 Dollar.
Master Zhu welcomes any organizer to help get other people signed up. Master zhu will share the money with organizers

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Please send questions and registration by mail to:
Payment can be made via Paypal to :
Other ways to contact:
Facebook: Ling Tong (zhu)
Ling Tong (Zhu Conghua) Ling Tong studied in Huaxia Centre of Prof. Pang Ming in 1995. From 2003 he began to study traditional Chinese medicine and since then he is the director of his own center till now..Ling tong zhu often go to visit  dr pang .