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Online workshop about how to teach the specail zhinengqigong methods to children
Benifit you will let the children have these Benifits
1,Develop  paranormal ability (open the paranormal ability  to see without using the eyes)
2.improve memory ability
3. Improve the eyesight
4. Improve the concentration
5. Cultivate (or develop) greater well being and contentment through opening the heart and connecting to the universe
6.  Strengthen the body
Content  how to teach children these methods about 
1. Exercises to develop  paranormal ability (open the paranormal ability  to see without using the eyes)
2. Feeling energy by practicing special open and close exercise
3. three exercises to improve eyesight
4. Exercises to develop intelligence
5 Special games to combine the left and right brain.
6. Wall squatting, chen qi,  fly with the waist and other methods to strengthen the body
7. How to encourage children to follow you so they will enjoy the class and learn deeply
Dates : Beijing dates July :3th  4th 24th 25th  31th August: 1st  7th 8th 14th 15th 
Time:Beijing time: 8:30pm—9:30pm Paris  time is 2:30pm—3:30pm。Newyork time is 8:30am—9:30am     Mexico time is 7:30am—8:30am
Price:260 euros. or 310 dollars If 2 or more people sign up together, the price will be 220 Euros  or 26o dollars each 

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Teacher: Ling Tong (Zhu Conghua) started studying Zhineng Qigong  in 1993.
He studied in Huaxia Centre of Prof. Pang Ming in 1995. From 2003 he began to study traditional Chinese medicine and since then he has been the director of his own center. .
He has trained  children for more than 15years not only in China, but also Malaysia, Germany and other countrys.  He Wants to continue to share his teaching all over the world
His strong points:
--exploring childrens supernormal intelligence
--loosening up the waist and spine
--qi healing, teaching qigong