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2021 For north and south America the Super Online Teacher Training Workshop With Master Zhu
2021 For north and south America the Super Online Teacher Training Workshop With Master Zhu
Part one (29 CLASSES) 
1. The characteristics About Zhineng Qigong (3 classes )
2. How to teach Lift Qi Up and Pour Qi down well (4 classes: )
3. Deep practice about Lift Qi Up and Pour Qi Down (1 class )
4. Teaching and practice Three Centers Merge Standing Meditation (1 classes )
5,how to improve your voice level (1 Class )
5. Teach Hun Yuan Holistic Theory (4 classes )
6. How to teach level 2: body and mind (10 classes )
7. Deep practice about Body & Mind Method (1 Class )
8. Xun Jing Dao Yin Fa (Along main & collateral channels to practice exercise (1classes: )
9,open the seven gates of middle line 4 classes
Part Two (20 classes)
10. How to use Consciousness correctly & develop Paranormal ability (3 classes )
11. Healing course with Zhineng Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine. (4 classes )
12. Straight Leg Sitting Posture & Open The Waist (2 classes )
13..Sounds healing of level 3 ( (4 classes
14. Hun Yuan Lay Down Method (1 class )
15. Taiji ball (5 classes )
16. How to teach Zhineng Qigong & How to make a nice workshop ( 1 class
17. Teach the conditions for a good Zhineng Qigong teacher. Award certificate of ZQ teacher (1 class )
18. Included you will get the recordings about following content which from last year teacher training at no charge.
1looson up the waist and spine
Time :
BeiJing time: 8:30 A.M.-10:00 A.M. (always)
The time converter for your timeline:
Dates: Bei Jing dates (America is ONE DAY Before )
April :3th 10th 11th 17th 18th 24th 25th
May :8th 9th 15th 16th 22th 23th 29th 30th
June:5th 6th 12th 13th 19th 20th26th 27th
July :3th 4th10th11th 17th 18th 24th 25th 31th
August: 1st 7th 8th 14th 15th 21th 22th 28th 29th
September 4th 5th 11th 12th 18th 19th 25th 26th
And you will get the videos recordings about the all the teacher training. so if sometimes you have no time join the course .then you still can watch the videos .
Please check for time zone for your area and pay attention during time changes always use Beijing time.
1. Not only teach the methods but also learn how to teach these exercises in the best way.
2. Improve the teaching level to include:
a. How to pronounce the instructions of ZNQG
b. How to check the student’s movement
c. How do Qi healing & Control the qi field and group etc.
3. Combine qigong healing and practice exercise together.
4. Combine Zhineng qigong and TCM.CERTIFICATER
Effects and gift :
1. You will get the certificate of teacher when you finish the teacher training course. You can teach Zhineng Qigong all over the world.
2. Increase your knowledge while you are teaching
3. You will get all videos recordings about all classes in the teacher training
4. Bonus Gift: also you will get the all video recordings about How to Teach Children Workshop.
Sign up:
Facebook : Ling Tong (zhu)
Ling Tong (Zhu Conghua) started in Huaxia Centre of Prof. Pang Ming in 1995.
From 2003 he began to study traditional Chinese medicine, he has studied and taught continuously. He is the director of his own center till now.
His background and experience:
- Certificate of Zhineng Qigong Coach(in 1995);
- Judge of Chinese Kung fu Match;
- Qigong healer and Solid Experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Senior Massage Therapist of TCM
Master Zhu (Ling Tong on F.B.) strong points:
-Teaching the theory and methods about zhineng qigong in detail and special way
-Loosening up the spine and the body
-Exceptional teacher training –teaching how to teach Zhineng Qigong in SPECIAL WAY)
-Teach Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridian which is in relation with ZNQG)
-Exploring children supernormal intelligence
-Teach ZQ healing methods and theory
The normal price is1350 Dollars for all.
1200 Dollars
(you can pay by instalments.first payment with 100 dollars .will pay the rest of the money when you have the money in 2021.
If two or more new students sign up before October together they will get a discount price of 990.00 dollars (you can pay by instalments.first payment with 100 dollars .will pay the rest of the money when you have the money in 2021.
2.If some people can introduce other people to attend the teacher training, they can get the all videos recordings of 2021at no extra charge.