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Online TimelyWorkshop to Clean And Overcome The Coronavirus Worldwide

This online workshop let our body and mind to clean the Coronavirus worldwide.

The virus Ncov and other viruses are spreading across world ,endangering human life . we need to work together to clean the coronavirus worldwide


We will have online workshop for improving Lungs,liver,kidness and immune system (8 classes) thus preventing and cleaning the virus, and also heal all kinds of problems.

Welcome here to help yourself and the world to clean and overcome the Coronavirus worldwide.

The online sessions will be held at Beijing time zone.
Please check the time converter for your timeline:

Beijing Time always is 10am to 11:30am

Beijing Date is on 8th ,9th, 14th 15th ,16th , 21th 22th, 23th Feb 2020.

Sign up or questions Contact teacher zhu,

His Email:

Facebook : Ling Tong (zhu)



240 dollars for all the workshop and the videos recordings


Ling Tong (Zhu Conghua) started in Huaxia Centre of Prof. Pang Ming in 1995.

From 2003 he began to study traditional Chinese medicine, he has studied and taught continuously. He is the director of his own center till now.

His background and experience:

- Certificate of Zhineng Qigong Coach(in 1995);

- Judge of Chinese Kung fu Match;

- Qigong healer and Solid Experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine

- Senior Massage Therapist of TCM

Master Zhu (Ling Tong on F.B.) strong points:

-Teaching the theory and methods about zhineng qigong in detail and special way

-Loosening up the spine and the body

-Exceptional teacher training –teaching how to teach Zhineng Qigong in SPECIAL WAY)

-Teach Traditional Chinese Medicine and meridian which is in relation with ZNQG)

-Exploring childrens supernormal intelligence

-Teach ZQ healing methods and theory


240 dollars for all the workshop and the videos recordings

Hun yuan ling tong