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Master Zhu will give 8 free online classes to everyone registered his May 2020 China Retreat or 2020 online teacher training
Hi everyone !
Master Zhu will be giving 8 free online  classes to everyone registered his May 2020 China Retreat or 2020 online super teacher training .

~FREE!! Complimentary workshop, with Master Zhu & Qi friends traveling to china will receive 8 sessions FREE-!

ALL  friends registered to attend Master Zhus  up coming  May 2020 China Healing, Teaching improvement & Healers training, retreat, in China, Or online teacher training qualify.

The workshop focus is on Healing, Straight leg sitting, Heart teaching and  Clear the heart improve gong fu, healing abilities, and deepen their practice.

9:00-10:00 am  Beijing time
December 21,22 28,  & 29th 2019
January 4,5, 11, & 12th 2020
check time zone converter for your time zone

Please contact Master Zhu to register
For questions or support contact Kelli
about the May 2020 China Retreat with Master Zhu:
Master Zhu announced lowering the price for the May 2020 China retreat. (see my events for the updated LOWER prices! We got a different hotel, with a better practice room, passing the savings on to you.  Also look on "summary" below for  the retreat information, or see the event page.
Further, we have amazing ways to save even more with early payments~!

Retreat event :

Arrive May 8th, 2020 Retreat begins May 9th - MAY 29th, 2020 @ 12 pm.
Hotel near  Zhu’s Center in Tai’an City, Shandong province, China
*Includes retreat, hotel, food, Special trips and shuttles, during retreat, you need to pay for your travel to the retreat.
*training in practice room in the  hotel and various other places with STRONG Qi field.
*Optional/additional Group Beijing Tour on return to Beijing.
*Special day trips to practice thousands seasoned practitioners: in mountains, temples, & Live performance, Confucius, Buddha temples, & various Chinese culture to experience the      energy of  Dr. Pang’s strong field; among them, Mount Tai, which is a sacred place for Dr. Pang. He has visited 6 times and strongly recommends a visit.
“Heart drives your own life” means you become the owner your life. You not only understand your body and mind, but you are also in the driving seat of your life. You then have the ability to optimize your life and health; you own it as you learn to use it. Everybody has a "mind" that is hidden deep behind your eyes. It is called the Yuan Shen, the Original Mind. And thus, the best doctor is yourself.
Link to most recent teachings on f.b. on Heart to heart:
The mission of our retreat is to help you practice more & heal a lot, & to realize your dreams.
The mission of our retreat is to help you practice more & heal a lot, improve teaching and healing abilities  & to realize your dreams.
We open a window of opportunity to re-gain health from problems which you may not able to cure with Western Medicine.      
You deserve to be healthy. Your body and mind will experience changes.
You will experience great Healers and Super-ability.  and  experience perfect mind and body feelings in the strong Qi field. 
(Will add Link for Strong Qi Field message From Master Zhu:)
Our gathering is located at the foot of Tai Mountain, which offers the possibility to communicate with the natural Qi Field, and experience thousands of years of history. Be with Mount Tai’s Qi, breathe the Qi as the sages did, and follow in the footprints of the Emperors.  Confucius, one of the great Chinese philosophers, said "once you climb up the Tai Mountain, you will feel the world you saw is small"

You will witness and get super-ability demonstrations –things that look like miracles in daily life will turn out to be normal experiences at retreats with Master Zhu

1. Ten Psychological Ways for Professors to Improve Teaching Ability, and let you deeply feel the tremendous effect of these mental methods.
2. Face-to-face contact, feel Master Zhus movements and inner state. Master Zhu corrected every students actions.and improve inner qi level .
3. Teach the content about the zhineng Qigongs brand-new development direction..
4. And get the teacher training certificate with Master Zhu

About Master Zhu
Master Zhu is known for his ability to teach extraordinarily on line.  BUT REALLY KNOWN FOR HIS SUPER HEALING ABILITIES BOTH ON LINE AND EPIC IN PERSON HEALING RESULTS!
You will be convinced that you deserve to be healthy. Your body and mind
will experience changes and step towards health when you start to practice Zhineng Qigong with our wonderful teachers. Ling Tong (Zhu Conghua) studyed Zhineng Qigong with his elder brother since 1993. His elder brother is the Director of Training Dept in Huaxia
Centre of Prof. Pang Ming. Ling Tong studied in Huaxia Centre of Prof. Pang Ming in 1995. From 2003 he began to study traditional Chinese medicine and since then he is the director of his own center till now.
Master Zhu has Certificate of Zhineng Qigong Coach(in 1995);- National Level One Instructor of social sports;- Judge of Chinese
Kungfu Match;- Qigong healer Solid Experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Senior Massage Therapist of TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine)-Qi healing, training of qigong Master Zhu has Super healing and training abilities
There have been numerous cases of healing through Zhineng Qigong which were unable to be cured by Western Medicine. The theories behind this
are simple. We look at life as a holistic State of Body, Qi and Mind. Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, once said, the best doctor is your self. Through Qigong healing, your own powerful immune system is fully activated, and you gain the ability to drive your own life forward. A number of difficult cases have been healed with the direct help of his center.

About Teacher Ding:
1. She studied zhineng qigong since 1991 . She was invited the sixth National Academic exchange in the Huaxia center of DR Pang , In 1996.
2.  Joined the all Dr pang’s  lectures class ( a total of six times ) in MOUNT TAI city
3. In 1997 Teacher Ding did the qigong healing in the Tai an city traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital .
4. She is good on the Qi healing one by one and correction actions .

This special Zhineng Qigong gathering is for “all levels” to improve & heal to help you realize your dreams.
We offer real human care in a harmonious atmosphere, to enable you to understand the essence of life, and create your new life, as you would wish. After all, health, freedom, longevity, control of life starts with the Mind, cultivating Qi. We open a window
of opportunity to re-gain health from problems which you may not able to cure with Western Medicine. You will not experience a fast heart beat, during practice to ensure healing and maximum benefit.

Where:  Hotel Near Master Zhu’s Center in Tai’an City, nearby four star tourist park:

1.  Mount Tai a World Heritage Site since 1987. Religious worship of Mount Tai has a tradition going back 3,000 years; it has been practiced from the Shang to the Qing Dynasty.
If we put big wish there , often become true .
We will organize the trips to Mount Tai to practice Qigong, gathering Ling Qi. Ling Qi means the Qi which creates miracles for you. A fantastic opportunity, you should not miss!
2.Large-scale live performance
3. Qufu, the home town of Confucius,  Qufu is a famous historical city in China. With a history of more than five thousand years, Qufu is the legendary birthplace of many Chinese sages, such as Confucius and Mencius. To memorialize these great sages, the locals built temples and cemeteries, Temple of Confucius monuments has retained its outstanding artistic and historic character due to the devotion of successive Chinese emperors over more than 2,000 years” wander around the spirits and wisdom of ancient Oriental sages.
During your stay in Tiaan,  the most efficient and secure of way of healing. You will be guided from understanding the world with your eyes, and ears to sensing the world with your heart and mind. You will be in the great Qi Field –to understand your own life, and experience changes in every single aspect of your life. Until one day, it is possible for you to "see" the invisible universe.
more detail and others please check the website :

Reserve your spot: $500.00 deposit: contact Master zhu to register or for questions or details:
or Kelli McGowan, for general questions.

Price: Cost: normal price: US $2300.00 or 2,070 Euro per person.
Special discounted price: US $2200.00 or 2,000 Euro per person.
Special discount for all current or previous students Master Zhu teacher training program.
Discount also. to new students upon registration for the next upcoming teacher training course 2020 you will get discounts for both. *-email Master Zhu for this information.

Special Discounts
Pay in full by December 1, 2019 $1800.00      or 1650euros.
1) If you invite someone NEW, to the retreat; you will both save $100.00 or 90 euro. If you bring 3 NEW people you can pay  1/2 price of the retreat. If you bring 4 or more NEW people to the retreat you may attend for no charge. 

*extra fee for for single room $300 or 280 euro.

Price includes course fees, food, accommodation 21 nights double occupancy (additional fees for single room) four sacred site, tour expedition days for Chinese culture and Strong Qi experience and shuttles.

Arrive on May 8th, 2020, retreat begins on May 9th - commencing at noon May 29, 2020

Please, contact Master Zhu,,
to register.
Please scroll down on event page,  to discussion to see pictures with more details, THANK YOU !

Please note that we cannot accept patients with infectious diseases or persons or who cannot take care of themselves (but we will hold you healing in the field) possible live stream options TBA.

For additional support for your travel to China, at your request, inform Kelli to add you to a direct we chat group to access direct communication with the traveling group and Master Zhu, to assist in any special needs/ or travel support.
H A O L E !