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Feedack of The Teacher Training 2018
The teachings of zhu Laoshi are simple but profound, the dedication to each student is unique and the exemplifications of the movements are done with the experience of the practices, with sufficient dose of patience and humor if necessary.
The understanding of the meridians or channels in the body is very clear and the connection with the movements of Zhinenqigong and the mind are the subject of many explanations.
Zhu Laoshi has a clear idea about the inner body and mental processes as well.
The perception that is achieved of each student is such that zhu laoshi manages to connect with them, so he knows if the student has understood or not some topic and if it is necessary to deepen.
The teaching of movements that are complex and difficult to execute and learn, is facilitated with drawings and diagrams and the explanations of each, step by step, makes it more accessible and easy to perform.
The study time is short with the amenity and seriousness in the explanation of theory and practice.

It can be said that a class is multifaceted, since leaning, meditating and healing is achieved at the same time.


Gon....From Mexico