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A letter to cancer patients
I have suffered from cancer before and I know the great torments that you are experiencing.
 But fortunately, I am cured now. However, 
I know there are many patients are still struggling in extreme misery and through this letter, I hope to encourage everyone to tenaciously fight the disease and gain a speedy recovery.
I was sent to Shanghai Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital on Nov. 17th, 2007 and was diagnosed as primary liver cancer and chronic hepatitis B. I received liver resection operation on Nov. 22nd and went to Shanghai to receive treatment 8 months later as a result of the tumor recurrence. A friend of mine recommended that there was a center for practicing Chinese Health Qigong in Tai an, which was particularly effective for rehabilitation. Then, I came to Tai an practicing field, where I was stunned by the picturesque scenery and especially a sacred mountain boasting a history of 2.5 billion years-Mountain Tai, which is a world-renowned tourist destination.
After arrival, I felt a strong and optimal aura in the field which gathers practicing people from all around the country and the universal Qi is sufficient. I really enjoyed the practicing here, experiencing the changes of body with Qi running all over; when the Qi ran through my liver, I felt a surge of warmth, which was really comfortable and at that time, I really comprehended the words of my teacher: when you will is properly maneuvered, the Qi will arrive at the right place to eradicate the disease. With strong will and hard practice, I finally get good results and I feel I am the luckiest and happiest person that has greatest affinity with the intelligent Qigong. At present, my body gains rapid recovery, the tumor has been controlled and my physical fitness is greatly improved. I am virtually a different person now compared with what I was one year ago. I am now full of energies and vitalities and enveloped in a cheerful mood and people say I am now a healthy man.
I can be said that without practicing Chinese Health Qigong, I will not be what I am today. Disease is not invincible and it is essential that you shall find a proper way for your recovery. I am not the only one that has witnessed the miracle of Qigong and you can find a legendary experience behind every people practicing Qigong here. I hope that this letter can bring hope to you if you are struggling in misery and I also hope that you can join us in the rehabilitation fitness classes to meet the beautiful future with a healthy body.
I wish you all good health and good luck!
Mr Ding