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Example for tumor
The following is the speech made by a Chinese patient called Jiao Dingwei:

My name is Jiao Dingwei and I am 77 years old,from Linju couty,Weifang City,Shandong Province,China.This year in the hospital,I was checked up for two malignant tumor respectively in my left lobe of liver and right lobe of liver.My left lobe of liver is 5.14.0cm,right 4.53.9cm.Hearing this news,anxiety that could not be described filled with my heart.mood was with great burden.All the family were shrouded by haze,not knowing what to do.Then ,after someones introduction,I came to Taian Huaxia Taijiquan Training Center,attending the adjustment and treatment of specific-effect rehabilitation  class.
After coming to the center,I felt that the qifield was strong.I could get qi quickly,got great qi feeling and combined with the big qi field of the center.Everyday,I insisted on practicing qigong hard,not thinking much about the illness,getting rid of burden of worry, liberating myself.Besides studying and practicing after the teachers,teachers of specific recovery class sent qi for myself everyday. In this way,my body was making changes day after day,my inner heart was full of great hope for life.I could eat well,sleep well.My physical strength was stronger ,I felt that I was a new person,,I felt quite relaxed in my whole body.
After adjustment and treatment for one month,I came back home for reexamine by type-B ultrasonic,tumor in left lobe of liver reduced form 5.14.0cm to 1.11.6cm,and tumor in right lobe of liver disappeared completely.It is so miraculous!
Thanks sincerely for Mr.Pang!Thanks for zhineng qigong1Thanks for all the teachers of the center!
The following is the checking result of mine on 5th June,2010 and 26th July,2010.
The first CT report :
Date :5th June,2010
Name:Jiao Dingwei
Report:left lobe of liver and right lobe of liver appears round shape low density shadow,with the biggest cross profile 4943mm and 4339mm.
The second Color ultrasound:
Name:Jiao Dingwei

Report:in the left lobe of liver exists 1.11.6cm Cystic echo,in the right lobe of liver no tumor is founded.