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Example for Calculus

Hou Yan,from Liaocheng city,Shandong province,China ,suffering from biliary calculus 0.90.6 cm.She came to our center,the calculus disappeared completely after her practice by herself and by  whole treatment means of rotary zhineng magnetic field.The following is the calculus excreted by her:

The following is the CT report before her recovery:
Date:2006,July 3rd .
Name:Hou Yan
Report: gallbladders size and shape is OK,but with biliary calculus 0.9x0.6 cm

The following is the type-B ultrasonic after her recovery:
Name:Hou Yan
Date:2006,July 20th
What can be seen by checking:gallbladders size and shape normal,with a bladder 35mm.
Conclusion:there is no calculus found inside gallbladder