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Example for joint
The following is the speech made by a Chinese patient called Chen Cuiqin:
I am not quite healthy when I was young,and my leg joint is not good all the time.In my time of childbirth,I had not protected my body well,besides,I got a cold,so my joint was worse.During the worst time,my leg can not bend,I feel very strenuous when walking.Also my heart is not very good,I often feel tired ,without strength,short of breath.
I have taken many kinds of medicine and folk prescription,but in vain.Doctors told me that illness due to time of childbirth can not be healed.
This year a friend introduced me of the center.Out of admiration,I came to the center.Before I came here,my arthritis was quite serious.I must walk with much energy,my leg joint was swelled and could not be bended.It was a great pain when I walked or stood for ten minutes.
Coming to the center was like returning home,everyone was very friendly and they all told me that if I determined to practice qigong,my illness would be healed.The teachers(who was leading us practice) qigong level was very high and treated us carefully and seriously.After two months practice following the teacher,there was no swell or pain in my joint.I can walk as normal people and I feel more powerful than before.Thanks very much for the teachershelp from the center. Hun Yuan Ling Tong,Xin Xiang Shi Cheng.I hope that my experience will help those who are in pain to set up confidence.The following are the pictures of me before and after I came to the center:
The first one:picture when I first came to the center

The second one:picture after my practice.