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Training of the Qigong
In order to meet the demands of learners around the world to learn Qigong, to upgrade the theoretical and skill level of Qigong learners significantly, and to solve the problems and puzzlement encountered by people during the practice of Qigong, our Center holds several phases of international training classes every year.
Class features are:
Thoroughly explain the methods of Qigong, and regulate the actions one by one
Explain the usage of conscious, and deepen the practicing experience.
Personal instruction by the teachers to improve the practicing effects
Combining the Traditional Chinese Medicine to explain the law of Qi motion in human body,
Content of the training: 
The first step: Lift Qi Up and Pull Qi Down. 
The second step : Body and Mind Form.
The third step:Three Centers Merge, Wall Squatting, The relationship between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong, etc.
Through training: Make the Qigong enthusiasts to understand and master the true essence of Qigong through theory, methods, effects and practicing experience. Since the running of the classes, enthusiasts from more than dozens of countries have come to our Center to study, and they have not only continued to practice but also actively spread this good Qigong to more fans when they come back to their countries. Qigong is popular in their countries.